Support people's health with modern technology
Provide the best solutions for the healthcare industry

With essential technology in hand, we are ready to fight on the worldwide stage
Think global, Be glory. We are Glotech.


Supporting people's mental and physical health

With the diversification of happiness, we aim to create a society in which individuals can choose an environment that allows them to stay healthy for a long time in a way that suits them.


With technologies that continues to grow and improve

We strive to create unique new values by applying the technologies that are evolving day by day. We identify the desired results and aim to solve the essence of the problems.


From Asia to the world

In the rapidly growing Asia market, we flexibly grasp the values that people need, and send them from Vietnam and Japan to Asia and from Asia to the world.

About Us

We specialize in providing services for medical institutions.
As a strength, we utilize the rich experience of vendor management systems and medical institutions along with the capability of providing services for all phases. From coordination of different department in hospital to design, developing and post-maintenance.
As a consulting service, we analyze the necessary improvements in accordance with the customer's vision and construct a solution using the latest technology that meets the their specific business goals, contributing to the promotion of digitalization in medical institutions.
In addition, we have actively collaborated with the Da Nang University of Technology in Vietnam to exchange new talents, so we have a large number of people who can handle various languages such as English, Japanese, and Vietnamese. Together with a system that allows for easy online meetings, we can provide offshore customer service forever. We support almost all platforms such as Web, Android and iOS.
We are now focusing on developing solution for the following areas.

Prevention and health management of individuals

Effective strategic planning for hospital management

Various diagnostic support at the clinical site

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